Saturday, March 24, 2007

Late March 24th

This is my first posting. This blog is going to be mainly a video blog. All videos will last two minutes and thirty seconds. Right now, they will just be observances of my daily routine. Some might be fun, some might be boring, but they will always only take up two minutes and thirty seconds of your day. Give them a look. Maybe life around us isn't that unique. I am hoping these will show a connection between, you, me, and the rest of them. Thanks for watching, and please comment!
Right Eye

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Baganinni said...

Wicked ahtsy..very calmin' like watchin' fire..I'm thinkin' about puttin' a window in my drier like at the laundromat instead of takin' Prozac.. Peace and Love.. 2 aye no brain Baganinni